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Brendan Clarke, Donald Gillies, Phyllis Illari, Federica Russo, Jon Williamson Mechanisms and the Evidence Hierarchy Evidence-based medicine (EBM) makes use of explicit procedures for grading evidence for causal claims. Normally, these procedures categorise evidence of correlation produced by statistical trials as better evidence for a causal claim than evidence of mechanisms produced by other methods. We argue, in contrast, …

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Causality in the Sciences Phyllis Illari, Federica Russo, Jon Williamson (editors) Oxford University Press

Freshly published

Models for prediction, explanation, and control: Recursive Bayesian Networks. Theoria L. Casini, P. Illari, F. Russo, J. Williamson

Recently presented at CiBaSS, Rotterdam

Recently presented at ESF workshop at University of A Coruna

Presentation at ‘Multi-Level Causation’ Workshop, IHPST Paris I

Presentation at Kent