The third try is always the best…

Today I took over most of the responsibilities when it comes to the actual day of the UCAS Visit days. I think I finally got the hang of what needs to be done and when during the day. The ambassadors and I had everything ready to go with in 15 minutes of them showing up. They really know what to do when it comes to visit days.. which is a good thing we wouldn’t be able to do it with out them. We had all the signs up and lunches ready and we didn’t have anybody completly lost about where they are supposed to be.

We had a large number of perspective students show up today. 20 alone in the drama department!! hopefully our numbers will keep rising and have plenty of new kent students show up next fall.

We have a week and a half to get ready for the next visits. The first ones in march are in the same week. one on wednesday and one on saturday. Hopefully they will run as smoothly as this one has .