Day two of the week

yesterday was very busy with close to 100 people visiting the school of arts. thankfully it was on a saturday so the building was less busy then normal. everything ran smoothly just like it should and all our visitors seemed to enjoy themselves. Many traveled from far away and of course for many of them it was not the first school they have visited, so they know what to expect when they attend these open days. unfortunately for them they are getting closer to having to decide which school they would like to attend come the fall. Hopefully we made a great impression and they will consider us for next year. Our next visit day is on the 26th of March. hopefully it has beautiful weather like we did yesterday…

Day one of two

Today was another UCAS visit day, and if i do say so myself a successful one. we had some mix ups with some joint honors students but it got all sorted and the rest of the day ran smoothly thanks to our amazing ambassadors at the school of arts.
It still amazes me that some families are up at 5am to come and visit a school. But then again this is a big decision for them and especially their child. Its a place they will be at for 3 to 4 years, they need to feel at home here and be comfortable with the program they want to join. Coming to a visit day can really tell a perspective student if they enjoy the campus and the program enough to attend the uni.
Today was only one of two this week, victoria and i will be up and prepping for the next one on saturday first thing in the morning. Hopefully it will run just as smoothly ..

The third try is always the best…

Today I took over most of the responsibilities when it comes to the actual day of the UCAS Visit days. I think I finally got the hang of what needs to be done and when during the day. The ambassadors and I had everything ready to go with in 15 minutes of them showing up. They really know what to do when it comes to visit days.. which is a good thing we wouldn’t be able to do it with out them. We had all the signs up and lunches ready and we didn’t have anybody completly lost about where they are supposed to be.

We had a large number of perspective students show up today. 20 alone in the drama department!! hopefully our numbers will keep rising and have plenty of new kent students show up next fall.

We have a week and a half to get ready for the next visits. The first ones in march are in the same week. one on wednesday and one on saturday. Hopefully they will run as smoothly as this one has .

come rain, wind and massive delays the visit day must go on!!

Today was our second UCAS visit day of the year. We had more visitors come then in our first go around, but do to the weather and the M2 being closed because of a sink hole some did not show. which is completly understandable. however the ambassadors, VIctoria and i worked hard to lead the students in the right direction and of course to give them the best experience we could.

We served them lunch where they had the opportunity to chat with ambassadors and staff about their subject. Then they had time to learn about the programs a little bit more and then even have a taster session of what a class could consist of.

we certainly had a good time and we are hoping that our visitors did too and that they get home safely. our next visit day is on the 26th of February hopefully the weather will be more forgiving by then..

First UCAS Day

Yesterday was the first UCAS Welcome day of the year for the school of arts. we were busy prepping for it on monday, making orders for lunch and making signs as well as making goodie bags for the visitors.

Wednesday went smoothly are visitors arrived around one for lunch and they had an opportunity to meet some of the staff as well as talk to some ambassadors for the school. They then went into a talk about their specific field of interest. ( Film, Drama, HPA) They even had an opportunity to have a taster session of what a class would be like at the university. While the Students were involved in the class the parents had the opportunity to ask ambassadors and staff from the school questions that they may have about the university.

It was a very busy day for the visitors and the staff alike but the day went well and hopefully we will see some of these students here next year!

getting ready

Today I had my first real meeting before a hectic events schedule starts for the year. I had the opportunity to meet some of the Ambassadors for the school of arts. Which is a good thing because i am sure i will be needing their help once the events actually occur. I also had a quick outline of how the day of the event will work, its a busy schedule but it should be fun once i get the hang of it. Thursday i have another meeting to meet some of the Academics that will be in charge of their department for the events and then its two weeks until the first event! I can’t wait to get started and learn some new things.