Maritime Animals Conference

In maritime narratives of humans, ships and the sea, animals are too often absent, or marginalised in passing references, despite the fact that ships once … Read more


Join us for a day of artist performances, workshops, film and animal expert-led tours, exploring our co-habitation with other species, in particular those seen as … Read more

Tell Me What Hurts

This is a one-day symposium being held at The University of New England, USA, which explores many stories of healing — from personal to professional to collective — using … Read more

Virginia Woolf, Europe and Peace

Marking 100 years since the end of the First World War and 80 years since the publication of Three Guineas, the 28th Annual International Conference on … Read more

The Cartographic Imagination

A two-day international conference funded by the Terra Foundation for American Art, in conjunction with the Centre for American Studies at the University of Kent … Read more

The Irish Writer in ‘Little England’

How have Irish writers, dramatists, poets, artists, academics, thinkers, activists, performers, and other cultural producers worked to undermine, or indeed, support, an impoverished cultural imaginary … Read more