Writing for a Living

Do you want to write for a living? What does a writer’s day look like? What are the options and how can you get started? … Read more

Maritime Animals Conference

In maritime narratives of humans, ships and the sea, animals are too often absent, or marginalised in passing references, despite the fact that ships once … Read more

John Bale: King John

Returning to St Stephen’s after 500 hundred years, John Bale’s inflammatory play about notorious King John is as controversial as ever. Featuring music, architectural projections, … Read more


After taking a break for December and January, the DATABLEEDER poetry reading series, curated by Dr Nell Perry and Dr Juha Virtanen, is back with … Read more

National Student Survey 2019

The National Student Survey (NSS) is a national survey, which has been conducted by Ipsos MORI annually since 2005. This feedback provides us with a picture of what the … Read more

Coffee House: An Early Modern Space

Coffee House offers any students interested in the early modern period a casual space in which to discuss projects, sources, and methodologies. Run by graduate … Read more