Write/Right to the World Group launch Queer-Kuir-Κουήρ Cyprus MegaZine for LGBT+ History Month

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Queer-Kuir-Κουήρ Cyprus MegaZine project created by the Write/Right to the World Group, School of English, for LGBTQ+ history month.

Join the zoomcast on Friday 5th March from 4pm to celebrate the release of With Love from Postcolonial and Partitioned Queer Cyprus, a Mega-Zine with over 25 literary and artistic queer voices subject to sites without rights.

The event will feature live readings, performances, and screenings that will create queer spaces, times and energies with the opportunity to ask questions to the authors, artists and editors.

Through these voices you will see and hear about the ‘LGBTQIA-to-Z’ lived experiences related to colonial, postcolonial and partitioned failures, recent failures linked to anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric in Turkey, and anti-corruption peaceful protests in Cyprus, among various other socio-political failures across the world.

Our MegaZine has been produced with love from Cyprus and in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, who struggle for their right to Cyprus, right to the Mediterranean, and right to the World.

Sponsored by the Centre for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies and the Centre for Creative Writing, University of Kent, the project has been co-created/edited together with Dr Bahriye Kemal and the undergraduate and postgraduate student body  – Shelby Anderson, Rebecca Copsey, Guy Forster-Pearce, IG, Kaan Serin, Elizabeth Watson – who are studying the modules Right/Write to the World: Displacement, Social Movement and Political Action, as well as the Contemporary, Reaching Out to the Community, and Colonial and Postcolonial Discourse.

To book your space for Queer Mega-Zine launch go here.

The MegaZine will be available in two forms: a handmade bespoke version that can be pre-ordered, and a free E-Zine released by donations. All proceeds will be go to a LGBTQI+ charity.  To order your Queer Mega-Zine or if you have any question please email: write.righttotheworld@gmail.com