Medway Council – Internship

Charlotte Bonner (School of Engineering and Digital Arts)

Charlotte Bonner (EDA, stage 4) was offered an internship with the Communications Team at Medway Council. This involved working across social media, creating content for Snapchat, and undertaking journalism-based activities to research and create success stories from across the Council. Charlotte impressed the team to such an extent that they have extended her role of Social Media Intern until Christmas.

Charlotte reflected on her time with the Council:

‘My experience so far at Medway Council has been an amazing one. Everyone has welcomed me into the team with open arms and everyone here is so friendly and willing to help which makes the job a more desirable one.  

After being in the role for four weeks I was trusted with creating and producing my own project. I was able to incorporate what I had learnt at university to make a video about fly-tipping. This project has been very rewarding and confidence boosting to know they feel that trust in me after four weeks in the role. 

Every day is different, no two days are the same which keeps the role exciting as you don’t know what it is you will be doing from day to day. I’m learning more every day and I’m excited to see what projects I can get involved in, in the future.’

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