ISEC 2022 workshop

It is really important that you download both packages before the day of the workshop as they rely on a number of other packages that can take a substantial amount to download. There can also be technical issues that delay the process so please download the packages in good time before the workshop and email with any problems.

To download the packages that will be used in the ISEC 2022 workshop, please follow the next two links.

The steps to be followed can differ based on your personal device either MAC or Windows.

Presentation materials:
Richard’s presentation slides can be found here
Doug’s presentation recording can be found here and slides here.
The material for the session on statistical concepts can be accessed here and the          presentation on the qPCR model given by Eleni here.
Alex’s presentation on the metabarcoding model can be accessed here.

Timetable for the day

9-9.15 welcome
9.15-9.45 DNA-based surveys for ecological monitoring – Richard Griffiths
9.45-10.15 Bioinformatics process – Doug Yu
10.15-10.45 break
10.45-12 Bayesian inference, observation error, basic occupancy models – Eleni Matechou
12-1 break
1-2.30 qPCR model intro and practical/discussion with participants about their data – Eleni Matechou
2.30-3 break
3-4.30 metabarcoding model intro and practical/discussion with participants about their data – Alex Diana

Please check this page for regular updates.