Miguel Leon-Ledesma receives Divisional Research Mentor Award, 2021

Recognising researchers who have a commitment to fostering the professional and intellectual development of students and early career researcher colleagues.

Prof Miguel Leon-Ledesma

The Human and Social Sciences Divisional Research Mentor Award 2021 has been jointly awarded to Professor Miguel Leon-Ledesma (Economics) and Professor Ayşe Üskül (Psychology). Congratulations to both!


‘We launched this award to recognize researchers who have demonstrated a commitment to shaping the future direction of their discipline by fostering the professional and intellectual development of students and early career researcher colleagues.’ Professor Heather Ferguson, Director of Research & Innovation explained ‘Ayşe and Miguel stood out from a very strong field for the breadth of support that they have offered to colleagues and students (in their Schools, the Division, and their wider discipline) over an extended period of time. As world-leading researchers, Ayşe and Miguel have enabled early career colleagues to benefit from their expertise, experience and academic networks, generously giving their time to provide mentorship that supports research growth, and actively seeking out opportunities that might enhance their career paths. Thank you and congratulations to both for the important contribution they are making!’


‘I am delighted to receive this recognition.’ Miguel told us ‘Mentoring early career colleagues is the most enjoyable part of my job. To be honest, this award doesn’t belong to me but to the many wonderful early career colleagues I’ve had the pleasure to work with through the years. I’ve been lucky!’


In addition to the Division’s Research Mentor Award, colleagues across the Division have been recognised recently for their outstanding contributions to research, professional services and education, through the University and Graduate and Researcher College prizes. Congratulations to all, these are all fantastic achievements, and welcome happy news as the academic year draws to a close!