Professor Miguel Leon-Ledesma takes over as Head of School.

We are really excited to welcome Professor Miguel Leon Ledesma to his new role here at the School of Economics. He joined Kent in 1999 and is the Director of the Macroeconomics, Growth and History Centre (MaGHiC) here at the school, who have been leading research during the pandemic on business creation during lockdown. Author of over 50 publications in leading international academic journals, Miguel’s research interests are in the areas of macroeconomics, economic growth, and applied econometrics.

He has made important contributions to our understanding of role of capital-labour substitution and biased technical change in macroeconomic models, and their consequences for business cycles and factor income distribution. He has also worked extensively in international macroeconomics, business cycles, and structural transformation. Miguel is also a CEPR Fellow, a Fellow of the National Institute for Economic and Social Research, and a Committee member of the Money Macro and Finance Society.

With his wealth of experience, passion for teaching and care for the school, we are so lucky to have him at the helm.