Food and consumers: Current issues and future directions

Vegetable market

On Friday 6 April, Professor Iain Fraser (School of Economics), Professor Ben Lowe (Kent Business School) and Dr Diogo Souza-Monteiro (Natural and Environmental Sciences, Newcastle University) are hosting a one-day inter-disciplinary workshop on consumer choice and food. The workshop brings together an exciting group of researchers from a range of disciplinary areas (eg marketing, environmental economics, agribusiness, psychology, development and social policy) who will examine various aspects of consumer choice as it relates to food. Based on the presentations the forum will cover themes from Consumer Food Security and Nutrition, Economics and Food Choice and Framing of Information and Consumer Choice. The keynote address is to be given by Professor Klaus Grunert (Aarhus University).

The forum is free to attend but registration is required. To find out further details and register, please follow the link below: