The Economic Impacts of Pests and Diseases

Professor Rob Fraser

Good biosecurity policy decisions, particularly in relation to plant industry protection, are of ever-increasing importance. Growth in the speed and diversity of trade, the effects of climate change and the resultant spread of pests and diseases continue to highlight this.

A new book entitled Plant Biosecurity Policy Evaluation: The Economic Impacts of Pests and Diseases has been authored by the School’s Emeritus Professor Rob Fraser together with David Cook (University of Western Australia) and Andrew Wilby (University of Lancaster).

The book contains an introduction to the issues confronting plant biosecurity policymakers and how the economic risks of invasive species can be assessed over time.

It describes both probability models that show what might happen if species ‘invade’ a region and values models that help decide what management actions should be taken.

As the first book of its kind focusing on a comprehensive range of policies, case studies and applications, Plant Biosecurity Policy Evaluation is perfect for biosecurity policy makers, decision-support specialists, advanced students of agricultural studies, public policy and invasive species research.

The book is available to purchase from World Scientific: