Transparency and the effectiveness of monetary policy after the Warsh Review at the Bank of England

Following the Warsh Review of transparency practices and procedures at the Bank of England (Warsh, 2014), the Bank plans to change the structure of its Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meetings and release its policy decisions, ‘enhanced’ meeting minutes and (once a quarter) the Inflation Report all at the same time (Bank of England, 2014).

In its latest monthly survey of leading UK-based macroeconomists, the Centre for Macroeconomics has canvassed views on the idea of simultaneously providing the different MPC documents and changing the MPC process. Click here to read an article published on VOX, the CEPR‘s Policy Portal, on 17 March by Angus Armstrong, Francesco Caselli, Wouter den Haan and the School’s Professor Jagjit Chadha.