Health and Safety

Estates have been contacted regarding the hot water tap.

The toilet seats have also been reported.

External Outreach

Two dates for your diaries:

Friday 28 September – MacMillan Coffee Morning.

Friday 12 October – The BIG PINK annual party.

Canterbury Food Bank

Breakfast Cereal | Sugar (500g) | Milk (Long Life) | Spaghetti (Tinned) Meat (Tinned) | Vegetables(Tinned) Tuna / Fish (Tinned) | Fruit (Tinned) Rice Pudding (Tinned) | Sponge Pudding (Tinned) | Custard (Tinned or Carton) | Tea Bags / Coffee (small jar) | Fruit Juice (Long life)  Soup (Tinned) | Cup-A-Soups  Dried Rice (500g) | Dried Pasta (500g) | Pasta Sauce | Baked Beans (Tinned) | Jam | Biscuits  Tomatoes (Tinned) | Disposable nappies | Baby food