Jason, IT Services Intern, to Louisa re his Intern experience:

“Thank you, the feedback is much appreciated. I do often tend to be more quiet at first, however I seem to have gained a lot more confidence than anticipated over this summer period.

“What definitely helped was I’ve done a huge amount of public speaking, almost unintentionally. In just the last couple weeks I had the interns group presentation, a presentation in my job for a joint techtalk/libchat about the Service Catalogue, and the other weekend I also worked bOing where I was thrown in the deep at one point and had to do the welcome introductions for people entering the Luminarium. It’s made a huge difference, thank you.”


Philip, Kent Sports Intern to Tim re the Intern Public Speaking training session:

“I would just like to say a big thanks to you and the rest of the staff who put together the training!

“I learnt a great deal particularly towards the end & will hopefully be using the spider diagram method when doing presentations to increase engagement and make them more interesting.”


Quennie, Community Engagement Intern, re her Intern experience:

“Hi All,

“As it is my last day, I would like to thank you all in the Development Office for being so friendly and helpful. You have all made my internship more enjoyable and valuable, as I have learnt new skills and met new people.

“I hope to keep in touch with the office and maintain my involvement with the University as an alumna.

“Again, thank you all!”

(And special thanks to Naomi for the cookies and for being an amazing mentor!)


Daanish, Database Intern, re his Intern experience:

“Hi all,

“As it’s the last day for Rares and myself, we’ve brought in some sweet stuff; please feel free to help yourself it will be in the usual place. I’d also like to say thank you to everyone at the Development Office for being so helpful and supportive for us interns, we greatly appreciate it and have really enjoyed working with everyone here; it has been a great experience.

“All the best to everyone.”


Ria, Events Intern, re her Intern experience:

“Morning everyone,

“As today is my last day I have put two cakes in the normal place in the office!

“Thank you to everyone for making my time here really enjoyable and always helping me out when I’ve needed it, I really appreciate it. This experience has been really valuable to me as I enter my final year of uni.”


Kevin Bardwell, Santander Relationship Manager,  regarding a report pulled together at short notice detailing how Funding has been spent over the past 3 years and making suggestions as to how the University & Santander can work together more effectively in the future:

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting this together for me this is fantastic and so helpful!!!  I really appreciate the effort that has gone in to this.”


Assorted feedback sent to Hils re the Wigoder Drone Flyover footage, which was sent  to the ex-Campaign Board members to keep them engaged with the Kent Law School and the University:  

 “Thanks Hils, upvoted!”

“This is fab. Genius idea! I didn’t realise we had solar panels up on the roof! I’ll share a link to the clip in the next Alumni newsletter and via our social media channels”.

“Thank you for sharing. Great footage!”


Assorted feedback sent regarding the new mobile responsive e -newsletter:

“Nice and easy to read, you don’t have to open too many pages.” ~Yvonne

“I have found the e-newsletter attractive, interesting and easy to use. Congratulations and Greetings from Mexico.” ~Andrés

“The new version is excellent: very clear message and great impact. Well done!”  ~ Elena

“A very good presentation of topical news of Kent; so easy to read on my iPhone. It would be so good to return to Kent, but commitments to other things and family come first. The newsletter is an excellent second best.”


“My thanks to the university for the email newsletters. Always a good read and great for keeping oneself up to date with uni activities and news. A quick feedback on the mobile friendlier version – I found this version clearer, more user friendly, with better optimised screen graphics and displays. It also much better for accessing links to articles, videos and news items and fits the mobile screen perfectly. As I use my phone for 90% of daily personal and professional activities, I commend the work done on making the newsletter optimised for mobile use.” ~Bukky