Identifying diverse resources in Ebook central

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We continue to have access to ProQuest’s EDI titles in Ebook Central, this collection covers diversity and representation in race, gender, religion, physical ability, age, political persuasion, and sexual orientation. We have recently reviewed and added a number of additional relevant topic areas:

Current curated lists updated for recent publications:

Womens’ history, Black History, LGBTQ Studies, Disability Studies, Decolonising the curriculum, Asian Studies, Middle East Studies, Latin-American Studies, Race, class & gender

New curated topic areas added for:

Social Justice, Penguin, Random House’s Read Diversity & Pride month reads 2021, Migration & Immigration studies, Poverty Studies, Indigenous Studies, Latinx voices.

In total you have 3381 titles to choose from!

Discovering these resources is more focused by searching Ebook Central directly, the link below gives a quick demo on how to uncover them on the platform.

Click here to watch the demo


Finally don’t forget that you can bookmark any of the resources that you find directly to your module reading lists, information on how to do this is available via