Liberating the minds of students from multiple voices and multiple authors from the Global South

WorldFest 2021 podcasts series available!

WorldFest is our annual celebration of our cultural diversity at Kent.

This year WorldFest took place digitally from 18 Mar – 23 Mar, 2021 and featured a range of intercultural events and streamed content.

It’s hoped the event will contribute to developing a conversation around diversifying the curriculum, Diversity Mark and building cultural validity in our schools. The Student Success Network organised a number of discussions lead by students and staff at the University of Kent

Podcast 1:

Live and Let Live: Africa’s Response to China’s BRI a bitesize cast study from KBS lead by Emmanuel Kodzi (52mins)

Podcast 2:

Reading group discussion of ‘White Innocence: Paradoxes of Colonialism and Race‘  by Gloria Wekker (71mins). This book is available to borrow from the Templeman Library

Podcast 3:

Reading group discussion of ‘Black Skin White Masks‘ by Frantz Fanon (73mins). This book is available to borrow from the Templeman Library

If you would like to get involved in diversifying the curriculum then take a look at the resources in our toolkit to support this. You can also find out about events and new diverse resources in the the Templeman Library or recommend a book yourself for our library collections.