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Hello and welcome to the official blog for the Lincolnshire Wolds fieldwork survey 2014. Here we will be tracking the progress of this project, in which members of the Classical & Archaeology department of Kent work with students and with local archaeologists to examine the record of human activity in this previously largely-untouched area of central Lincolnshire’s wolds.

Our project this year is in part thanks to previous surveys done by local residents, who drew attention to the number of finds in our particular site near Binbrook, and in turn have liased with the county council and local historical associations. As this part of Lincolnshire largely comprises of agricultural land, with few new constructions that could consequentially lead to further excavations if archaeological material is discovered, it is rarely excavated for research. However, our colleagues in the North Eastern Lincolnshire Archaeological and History Society then undertook surface surveys of the site in question in the spring of 2013, and made known their findings which indicate Roman and late Iron Age settlement in the area. The society continues to aid us in the fieldwork this September alongside student volunteers and Kent staff.

Kent students and staff have worked on this dig in the wolds many times in the past, but since Monday we have made considerable progress in geophysical surveys and mapping this particular site in order to more precisely direct our efforts towards pinpointing the date and nature of the site. We hope you look forward to our results as much as we do – and in the meantime, enjoy our updates, and leave us any questions or comments you may have!

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