Canterbury and Whitstable are both blessed with many excellent restaurants and pubs. Many (in fact, most) pubs also serve good-quality food. If you would like advice on where to eat and/or drink, then please feel free to ask one of the organising committee during your stay. Alternatively, here are some links to some of our favourite establishments:


The Goods Shed: outstanding local English/Kentish food and drink.

Deesons: another restaurant specialising in excellent Kentish food; very close to the cathedral – and the owner is a mate of ours.

The Dolphin: friendly traditional pub (another good friend of the Department at Kent) with decent food and drink.

The Foundry: brewpub with award-winning ales and lagers brewed on site; goes disco in the evenings.

Salt: a new restaurant winning many hearts and minds; very decent vegetarian offerings.

The Parrot: a medieval pub with food, next to the Roman wall (if that helps).

Alberrys: wine, cocktail bar and nightclub in the city centre; also goes disco.

The Shakespeare: traditional pub in the heart of the city, with very good food and a wide range of beers and wines.

The Pound: bar and kitchen in a converted prison; cut out the middle man.



Samphire: excellent local food in a chilled-out environment.

The Royal Native Oyster Stores: local seafood served right on the beach at Whitstable.

The Sportsman: for really pushing the boat out (ho ho), Whitstable’s Michelin-starred food pub; book well in advance.

The Black Dog: one of the new wave of micropubs popping up all over Kent at the moment; best pub in East Kent, possibly the world.

The Neptune: a quirky pub with live music on the beach at Whitstable; also has a scary dog.