Optional Analysis Day: WL816 Work Related Project and Dissertation, 8 December 2018

Optional Analysis Day for the University of Kent Centre for Professional Practice dissertation level students. It is based on WL816 module “Work Related Project and Dissertation”.

Venue: University of Kent, Medway campus, Chatham Maritime, ME4 4AG. Gillingham Building Room G4-04.

The purpose of the day is to provide support available to students with the final dissertation by critically examining a research question relevant to the participant’s practice. This should be supported by a critical review of the literature, a statement of the methods, an analysis of the data and an extended discussion of the findings.

Students booking a place are required to indicate if they wish to do the quantitative statical session OR the qualitative thematic session by emailing: cppmedway@kent.ac.uk

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Congratulations to the winners of the AJPP poster abstract prize!

Congratulations to Alina Grossman and Debbie Reed for winning the Advanced Journal of Professional Practice (AJPP) poster abstract prize!

Their abstract on Identification of the perceived ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs of six dentists at the end of Dental Foundation Training (DFT) with Health Education England, Kent, Surrey and Sussex (HEE KSS) was awarded first prize and a £25 Amazon voucher.

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How insects are used to investigate and solve crime / 27 November The Ship Inn

You are cordially invited to a free presentation on How insects are used to investigate and solve crime / Unlocking the secrets of forensic entomology by Dr Samantha Pickles.

Date: Tuesday 27 November 2018                                                                                        

Time: 7-9 pm

Venue: The Ship Inn, Court Lodge Road, Gillingham ME7 2QX

Dr Samantha Pickles is an expert case investigator and works for Arrogen Forensics (incorporating Manlove Forensics where she first worked). She also has a research career in the area of myiasis.  The event is a Café Scientifique style session  on the evening of Tuesday 27th November and will be open to university and public alike as part of the Centre for Professional Practice public engagement work.

 BOOK YOUR FREE PLACE HERE  or email: cppmedway@kent.ac.uk

Please forward this invitation to your colleagues and friends.

Although it is a free event open to all we are asking for people to pre-register, so that we have an idea of numbers for seating and other logistics.




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Leadership and Advancing Dental Professional Practice short CPD course

Evaluate and explore the role of leadership and how leadership can be used to extend your professional practice

Two-day short CPD course in Medway

Fri 2nd & Sat 3rd November 2018

BOOK NOW following the link:


During this short course students are encouraged to evaluate and explore the role of leadership and how leadership can be used to extend your professional practice whilst remaining within the ethical and mandated bounds of Scope of Practice. The two day course provides an opportunity for students to explore the relevance that leadership has to them as dental professionals working in the provision of oral health care within the UK, as well as within an international context.

The General Dental Council encourages you to choose CPD to cover all four development outcomes. Below are the development outcomes related to this short course:

  • Effective management of self and effective management of others or effective work with others in the dental team, in the interests of patients; providing constructive leadership where appropriate;
  •  Maintenance of skills, behaviours and attitudes which maintain patient confidence in you and the dental profession and put patients’ interests first.

Dates and time: 

2nd & 3rd  November 2018,



The fee for this short CPD course is:

£30 per day or £50 for both days.

6 Hours CPD Day 1

5 Hours CPD Day 2


University of Kent

Medway Building, Chatham Maritime, Medway,

ME4 4AG.

Room G4-11 (2nd Nov)

Room M2-05 (3rd  Nov)


Provisional Timetable (This will only be altered in unavoidable circumstances)              

Friday 2nd November 2018
0900 Registration and Coffee G4 -11
0930 Introduction to the Course, why leadership, what is it and who leads? Debbie Reed G4-11
1000 Extending Practice and the Advancing Dentistry Project (Part 1) and moving to Part 2 – Leadership Professor John Darby

PG Dean for Thames Valley and Wessex

1100 Profession Voice….Leadership…. learning from others Julie Deverick President of BSDHT G4-11
1230 Lunch
1:30pm GDC -Redressing the Balance and leadership Debbie Reed G4-11
3:00pm Break
3:30pm DCP professional practice within an International Context Professor Ken Eaton G4-11
5:00pm End

6 Hours CPD

Saturday 3rd November 2018
0900 Coffee and registration M2-05
0915 Leadership Definitions, Purpose and Principles Pam Daley M2-05
1045 Break
1100 Selected Leadership Theories, Models AND applications Pam Daley M2-05
1230 Lunch
1:30pm Leading…who (You and the people you lead)

team, motivation and interacting…

Pam Daley M2-05
3:30pm Break (End for Short Course)
4:00pm The final weekend and the assignments Debbie Reed M2-05
5:00pm End

5 hours CPD


Further information:

Programme Coordinator

University of Kent

Centre for Professional Practice

T: 01634 88 8929

E: cppmedway@kent.ac.uk


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Dr Anne-Maria Brennan delivers a paper at the International Congress for the History of Medicine in Muslim Heritage

Dr Anne-Maria Brennan, Lecturer in Professional Practice, has just returned from the 6th International Congress for the History of Medicine in Muslim Heritage which was held in the Medical Faculty of Fez, Morocco. Whilst there she delivered a paper on the Enrichment of the Teaching of Biology, Anatomy and Physiology exploring how the cultural heritage of medicine can be used to enrich the biomedical and medical curricula in a way that inspires the imagination as well as the intellect.

She also chaired sessions on the influence of Islamic culture on the dawn of the Padua School of Medicine and life and work of Professor Naguib Pasha the father of modern obstetrics and gynaecology in Egypt.

Dr Anne-Maria Brennan is available on tel. 01634 202925  or email:  A.Brennan@kent.ac.uk


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CPP hosts a training day for Kent’s Coroner Service Team

The Centre for Professional Practice (CPP) hosted a training day for Kent’s Coroner Service Team on Saturday 29th September at the University of Kent Medway campus.

The workshop offered individuals the opportunity to consider how they may contribute to the strategic development of the Kent County Coroners Investigative Team by developing strategies to enhance professional expertise and team effectiveness.

A group of 22 people took part in the workshop, delivered by the CPP’s Lecturer Tania Hopper. As part of the workshop De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats Model was used. The Six Hats method allowed the participants to lay out all views side by side (in parallel) to separate out the different aspects of thinking. The concept of ‘parallel thinking’ enables co-operative, co-ordinated thinking leading to rounded considerations about how to move forward.

Debbie Large, Head of Coroner Service, was pleased with the outcomes of the day; one of which was to enable the participants to identify opportunities for personal and professional growth and it is hoped that the knowledge gained during the training day will lead to positive impacts and enhancements for both the individuals and the investigative team.

The Centre for Professional Practice offers part-time, flexible work-related programmes and short courses. MA/MSc in Professional Practice programme has been specifically designed to meet the needs of working professionals who wish to develop their academic ability while maintaining their professional role. To find out more visit: www.kent.ac.uk/cpp

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Professor Ken Eaton in Top 1% of Peer Reviewers for Clinical Medicine

Professor Ken Eaton, Lecturer for the Centre for Professional Practice has received a Publons Peer Review Award 2018 in the category of Clinical Medicine.  He was placed 91=. out of 10,000 peer reviewers, in this category, on Publons’ global reviewer database, determined by the number of peer review reports performed during the 12 month period  to 1 September 2018 .

Clinical Medicine is one of 22 categories included in the Publons database.  In total 230,000 reviews for 10,000 journals were entered in the database between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018.

Full details of how the Publons database of reviews operates can be found at www.publons.com

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Shush and Write workshops

Shush and Write workshops is an opportunity to sit and write without distractions within the University setting. Students doing WL816 module will have priority but other students may join in (numbers permitting).


Saturday 20th October 2018, 10am – 4pm

Tuesday 6th November 2018, 10am – 4pm (date and location tbc)

Saturday 24th November 2018, 10am – 4pm

Saturday 12th January 2019, 10am – 4 PM

Saturday 23rd February 2019, 10am – 4pm

 Wednesday 27th February 2019, 10am – 4pm (date and location tbc)

Saturday 9th March 2019, 10am – 4pm


All spaces must be pre-booked. To book click here or follow the link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/shush-and-write-workshops-for-the-university-of-kent-students-tickets-48552093619?aff=es2

To choose your preferred date, click the Select a different date button.

For further information, please email: cppmedway@kent.ac.uk or tel: 01634 88 8929.

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Workshop for New Authors and Peer Reviewers, Tuesday 23 October 2018

All day workshop for new authors and peer reviewers will be held on 23 October 2018 at the British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street. London, W1G 8YS

The workshop should be of interest to CPP students who have just completed, or are about to complete MSc dissertations, as it is designed to help write a paper or papers, based on MSc projects.  Although the workshop is being organised on behalf of the British Dental Editors Forum, it is suitable to new writers from all areas who are most welcome to attend.

The day will constitute 5 hours of Continuing Professional Development for which certificates will be available and will meet GDC development outcomes A & D.

The cost is £40 (£20 for full-time students) to include lunch and refreshments.

To apply to attend the day please contact Stephen Hancocks by email:  stephen.hancocks@bda.org

The workshop will focus on practical skills required to develop an academic writing style: need to follow a journal’s guidelines for authors to the letter, the peer-review process, plagiarism, publication ethics, how to write for scientific journals etc. Practical sessions will help the delegates to understand how papers and articles submitted to scientific journals are reviewed and assessed by editors and their teams. The delegates will also learn how to improve the chances that papers and articles that they submit to peer reviewed journals are accepted.


Jointly chaired by Ken Eaton and Stephen Hancocks

11.00  Welcome and aims of the day / Chairmen

11.10  Author guidelines and how to begin writing / Stephen Hancocks

11.40  How editors can help / Nairn Wilson

12.40  The peer review process / Ken Eaton

13.10  Lunch

13.50 Small group work looking at papers which were rejected and analysing why

14.40 Small groups report their findings

15.00 Publications ethics – how to avoid the pitfalls / Ruth Doherty

15.30  Online publishing – future opportunities and challenges / David Westgarth

16.00  Panel presentation:

Tips for improving scientific writing and Discussion / All presenters

17.00  Close


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AJPP Poster Abstract Opportunity

CPP would like to offer you an opportunity to put a ‘Poster Abstract’ of your dissertation work into the next edition of the Advanced Journal of Professional Practice (AJPP). Please note that this is not an invitation to submit an academic paper but an invitation to submit a poster abstract only.

All you would need to do is:

  1. Populate the template with an overview of your dissertation work in terms of intro / aims / methods / conclusion / recommendations (which you can cut and paste from your dissertation) plus a couple of attractive images which must not be subject to copyright or if they are, they must have permission to be reproduced.
  2. You can add in your own workplace logo (as long as you have permission to use it) at the bottom (do not remove the AJPP or CPP logo).
  3. You can also rearrange the poster as you see fit as long as you do not re-size the template or change the header or footer. The template is set to size A0, which for your information can be printed in the library for only £4 should you wish to display the actual poster at your own place of work or along the CPP corridor (with permission from your supervisor).
  4. Supervisors should be co-authored along with yourselves please.
  5. The 50 word overview must be included. This must detail how your project might fit / be transferable to other disciplines as commensurate with the remit of the transdisciplinary AJPP. This can be really broad (e.g. you might have used an interesting methodology which any profession could pick up and use / or you might have interesting findings in education which any professional who educates other people might find useful / or even if you have very specific dental or medical practice research findings they might still somehow be applied to other health professions).

There will be a £25 voucher prize for the Best Poster. Posters submitted by the deadline will be published in the next issue of AJPP (subject to review).

Poster DEADLINE for academic year 2017-2018 is the 7th September 2018. Any submitted after this time will go in the next issue of AJPP, but will be omitted from the next academic year 2018-2019 prize round.​

To request the poster abstract template email: ajpp@kent.ac.uk

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