Past events

17 October 2019

Dr Abraham Mlombo (University of the Free State) ‘Southern Africa and the Making of South Africa’s Foreign Relations, 1960s – 1980s’.

9 May 2019

Dr Hlengiwe Dlamini (University of the Free State) ‘King Sobhuza II of Eswatini vs British Political Modernity’

28 March 2019

Dr Gillian Mathys (Ghent), ‘Mobility and Exclusion:  Making Borders and Identities in Central Africa’ (19th-20th century)’

14 March 2019

Dr Temilola Alanamu (Kent),  ‘Controlling the independence narrative: Nigerian newspapers and a woman’s place’

7 March 2019

ANNUAL LECTURE: Dr Alicia C. Decker (Penn State) “Mothers” of the Nation: A Gendered History of the Uganda Police Force’

28 February 2019

Dr Amelia Bonea (Heidelberg), ‘Fake News Is Old News? Technologies of Communication and Practices of (Mis)Reporting in Colonial India’

12 December 2018

Tarryn Gourley (Kent) ‘Sacrificial Lambs’: Youth During Zambia’s First Republic, 1964-1972′

6 December 2018

BOOK LAUNCH:  Dr Matteo Grilli (University of the Free State), Nkrumahism and African Nationalism: Ghana’s Pan-African Foreign Policy in the age of Decolonization.

16 November 2018

Dr Robert Fletcher (University of Warwick), ‘Deserts and the End of Empire’

25 October 2018

Dr Bala Chandra (Institute of Commonwealth Studies) ‘India, Diaspora and the South African War of 1899-1902’

11 October 2018

Dr David Patrick (University of the Free State) ‘The illusion of caring: media responses to genocide in Rwanda and Bosnia’

4 October 2018

Dr Ruth Craggs (Kings College London) ‘Subaltern geopolitics and the post-colonial Commonwealth, 1965-1990’.

22 March 2018

BOOK LAUNCH: Dr Joanna Lewis (London School of Economics) Empire of Sentiment: Livingstone and the Myth of Victorian Imperialism.

15 March 2018

John Kegel (University of Kent), ‘When the army robs banks: civil insecurity in Rwanda 1990-1994’.

9 March 2018

ANNUAL LECTURE: Professor Michael Broers (University of Oxford) ‘Nuestras Indias? The European Origins of European Colonialism: The First Napoleonic Empire and a Subaltern Europe’.

15 February 2018

Professor Nick White (Liverpool John Moores University) ‘Entrepreneurship, Cold War and Decolonisation: Australia’s ‘Mystery Millionaires’ and Malaysia’s Iron Ore’.

9 February 2018

Dr Lorena Rizzo (University of Basel) ‘”Presence. The Breakwater Prison Albums, Cape Town, 1890s to 1900s’.

18 January 2018

Dr David Kenrick (University of Oxford) ‘The Past is Our Country: The National History of Rhodesia’.

14 December 2017

Dr Alex Sutton (University of Chichester) ‘Gentlemanly Capitalism, Idealism and the State’. 

30 November 2017

Peter Nicholls (University of Kent), ‘The Door to the Coast of Africa: The Seychelles in the Mascarene Slave Trade, 1770-1830’.

23 November 2017

Dr Tinashe Nyamunda (University of Cambridge) ‘The Politics of Development Financing: The Kariba Dam Complex 1956-1976’.

9 November 2017

Dr Walima T. Kalusa (University of Cambridge), ‘The Politics of the Corpse: President Levy Mwawasa’s Death, Corpse, Funeral and Political Contestation in Post-Colonial Zambia’

19 October 2017

Dr Laura Evans (Sheffield Hallam University) ‘Contextualising Apartheid at the End of Empire: Repression, ‘Development’ and the Bantustans’.

5 October 2017

BOOK LAUNCH: Dr Andrew Cohen (University of Kent) The Politics and Economics of Decolonization in Africa: The Failed Experiment of the Central African Federation (London, 2017).

23 May 2017

Dr Ivo Mhike (University of the Free State), ‘White Poverty, State Paternalism and Educational Reforms in Southern Rhodesia, 1930s-1940s’

16 March 2017

Dr Annalisa Urbano (Bayreuth University) ‘The struggle for Somalia’s future: the UN debate, socio-political mobilisations and the Mogadishu Killings in 1948’.

15 March 2017

Dr Kate Law (University of Chichester), ‘Struggles within the struggle: White Women and Liberal Politics in Colonial Zimbabwe c.1950-80’.

9 March 2017

Professor Philip Murphy (Institute of Commonwealth Studies), ‘Andrew Roth’s End of Empire: an unfinished history of decolonization’.

2 February 2017

Dr Vincent Kuitenbrouwer (University of Amsterdam), ‘Beyond the ‘Trauma of Decolonisation’: Dutch Cultural Diplomacy during the West New Guinea Question (1950–62)’.

24 November 2016

Jamie Wintrup (University of Cambridge) ‘Dependence, desperation, and liberalism: revisiting the history of the Tonga-speaking people of southern Zambia’.

27 October 2016 

Dr Lazlo Passemiers (University of the Free State), ‘The Congo Alliance: Leopoldville’s Support of Southern Africa’s liberation Struggle, 1963-1964’.

25 October 2016

BOOK LAUNCH: Dr Giacomo Macola (University of Kent), The Gun in Central Africa: A History of Technology and Politics (Ohio, 2016).

14 March 2016
ANNUAL LECTURE: Professor Philippa Levine (University of Texas at Austin): ‘The Inner, Outer and After lives of Empire’

10 March 2016
Dr Matthew Hopper (Cambridge): ‘Freedom without Equality: Liberated Africans in the Indian Ocean World’

17 February 2016
Dr Andrew Cohen (University of Kent): ‘The ‘Lonrho Affair’ and the Late Colonial World’

10 December 2015
Dr David Patrick (University of the Free State): ‘The Wrong Kind of Genocide? Anglo-American Press Coverage of Rwanda, 1994’

2 December 2015
Dr Alessandro Pes (University of Cagliari): ‘An Empire for the Nation: Fascist Policies and Propaganda in Italian East Africa, 1936-1941’

25 November 2015
Adam Houldsworth (University of the Free State): ‘Buthelezi, Burke, and Apartheid South Africa, 1985-1989’

16 October 2015
Professor Fransjohan Pretorius: ‘Jan Smuts in the Boer War: The beginning of his sanguine years’

6 March 2015
ANNUAL LECTURE: Professor Derek Petersen (University of Michigan) ‘The Uganda Museum and the History of Heritage in Africa’

10 February 2015
Professor William G. Clarence-Smith, (SOAS) ‘Animals of the War in the Middle East, 1914-18’

7-8 July 2014
Two-Day Workshop: ‘Hard and Soft Power: Questions of Race, Intimacy and Violence in the Comparative Colonial Toolkit’

3 April 2014
ANNUAL LECTURE: Professor John M. Mackenzie (Professor Emeritus, University of Lancaster), ‘Colonial and Imperial Studies: Fifty Years of Dramatic Change’