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Harry Nkumbula Documentary Out Now

A DOCUMENTARY on Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula, leader of the African National Congress (ANC), which fought for the country’s independence from Britain has now been released in selected cinemas. See here for details 9780230622746
The documentary, titled ‘Nkumbula: Liberating a Nation’ by Chris Mukkuli, is a celebration of the life of Nkumbula and his contribution to the liberation struggle. Mukkuli has talked to a number of personalities who came across Nkumbula including the likes of Sikota Wina, Vernon Mwaanga, Andrew Sardanis, Simon Zukas, Daniel Munkombwe and our very own Giacomo Macola who has published a biography of Nkumbula.

We hope to arrange a showing of this fascinating documentary in the Centre for the HIstory of Colonialisms soon.

Congratulations John!

Photograph of a young Paul Kagame in army camoflage.

Paul Kagame, leader of the RPF and current Rwandan President.

John Kegel was awarded an AHRC-CHASE scholarship for his doctoral research on the Rwandan civil war (1990-1994). John’s research will look at the crucial, yet neglected, immediate antecedents of the Rwandan genocide. John graduated from Kent University with a BA in War Studies in 2014, and broadened his scholarly work at SOAS, where his MA dissertation was supervised by William Gervase Clarence-Smith, before returning to Kent for his PhD studies.