CISoR Cafe Scientifique Second Session a Success

The second in the CISoR Cafe Scientifique series built on the success on the first, proving that good things can only get better. Hosted by the Olde Beverlie pub, Kent Law School (KLS) Senior Lecturer Kirsty Horsey and KLS PhD law student Katia Neofytou shared the presentation and animated a discussion on the topic of ‘Surrogacy, Egg Sharing and Reproduction in the 21st Century’. Kirsty and Katia’s talk involved audience members to determine parentage for some fourteen different surrogate, donor and intended parent ova and sperm combinations. Pamela White, KLS, moderated a lively discussion among about 20 delegates.  The pub management once again came up trumps with a nice buffet and we look forward to Antony Blackburn-Starza challenging us to consider the question: “Should employers pay for egg freezing?” in December.