Reproductive Medicine Students

Reproductive Medicine Students attend The Families Through Surrogacy Conference

The Families Through Surrogacy conference focuses on providing expert advice and information to all parties involved or looking to be involved in surrogacy. A broad-spectrum of organisations including IVF clinics, law firms and Surrogacy Agencies were present to give information about their role in the process, as the main aim of this conference is to develop a community in which both surrogates and intended parents are correctly counselled on all aspects of entering into a surrogacy agreement.

As scientists in the field of Reproductive medicine, it can be easy to become oblivious to the emotions experienced by the patients you’re treating. By attending this conference we were given the opportunity to speak with surrogates and intended parents, giving us a new insight into their perspective and experience of assisted reproduction. Also, listening and talking to specialist lawyers we came to better understand the ethics surrounding surrogacy and other assisted reproductive methods.

We would like to thank Professor Darren Griffin for the opportunity to attend this conference since it has allowed us to widen our knowledge and understanding of the different practises involved in a Reproductive medicine career.

Natasha Athanasiou & Maisie Meadows