“Born this way” – sexuality and gender. 24th Nov 2015

“Born this way” in contemporary science: Multidisciplinary approaches to sexuality and gender

Tuesday 24th November, 13:00-18:30, Darwin Conference Suite


This is a University-wide event open to the public, brought to you by The Biological Anthropology Research Group, School of Anthropology & Conservation and CISoR: The Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Reproduction.

Sexuality is an important topic in society and life. It is also one that has traditionally been seen through a very heteronormative lens. Lots of research addresses the origin of two distinct sexes in tome-like fashion. Research on behaviour tends to focus on opposite-sex mating, marriage and motivations, but ignores the broader spectrum of sexualities that actually depict human populations.

Now we know that sexual orientation is not a choice and that it is highly variable, but that society also shapes the underlying orientation in myriad ways. A topic this complex needs perspective from multiple levels and disciplines. Recent work in numerous fields will be used as a platform to discuss up-to-date research on many levels, from the biological (where does sex come from?), to the social (how does society shape sexual behaviour, orientation and acceptance given the underlying biological motivations and orientations?). We want to discuss where research is now, where it is headed, and how it can be applied to issues of health and equality.

The event consists of six talks by experts in multiple disciplines, presenting research from multiple perspectives, and concludes with a panel discussion. There are opportunities for audience participation at the end of each talk, as well as during the final discussion. The goal is an open yet critical atmosphere to discuss these exciting topics.

There are a lot of pressing needs for wider dissemination of research on this topic. We hope you will come and take part in the discussion.

The speakers are:

For any questions, please contact Oskar Burger.