New Professorial Appointments

In the most recent round of promotions CISoR is delighted to announce the awarding of personal chairs to Karen Douglas and Robbie Sutton who have just been appointed as Professors of Social Psychology.

Professor Douglas (Karen) is an authority on the psychology of conspiracy theories. Her research is based around the fact that many people are deeply suspicious of medical and scientific developments and the motives and actions of governments (often associated with belief in conspiracy theories). Karen is interested in how conspiracy theories influence health intentions such as those related to reproductive medicine and planned parenthood.

The research of Professor Sutton (Robbie – above) is based on issues surrounding sexism. He has shown that people who revere women as kinder, more moral, and more refined than men tend, ironically, to view women’s rights and welfare as less important than their children’s. This leads to a “maternal sacrifice” ideology where people endorse restrictions on women’s autonomy and their access to medical procedures during pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. Their simultaneous appointment generated especial celebration in their household as they also happen to be married with two children, Jamie (11) and Rose (10).

Many congratulations!