Apprentice Case Study: Science Industry Partnership interview Kent apprentice

Martin Domville, a University of Kent Bioscience apprentice, featured recently in a Science Industry Partnership case study.

Apprentice Case Study

Martin, who is a degree apprentice at UCB, first visited the company as a teenager during the annual Work in Science Week event.  This event, which allows students to experience life as a scientist, inspired him to pursue his interest in science.  Now Martin works to ensure that other young people have the same opportunities as he did.

Science Industry Partnership
Science Industry Partnership recently published an Apprenticeship Case Study – looking to a scientific future with Kent apprentice, Martin Domville.

The apprenticeship experience

When he left school – intending to go down the traditional university route – Martin decided to look into alternative options that would better suit him.  He has found that the apprenticeship path suits him, providing a combination of knowledge and practical experience which has allowed him to build a strong foundation at work.

‘I have confidence to build a career in science and by doing an apprenticeship I feel like I am in an advantageous position for the future.’

While Martin has found that the life of an apprentice is probably less social than that of a traditional university student, he is glad to have been able to work and learn close to home, make great friends and have the structure and routine that an apprenticeship provides.  His experience has given him the confidence to build a career in science.

UCB work in science week
Martin first visited UCB when he was 16 as part of the annual Work in Science Week event, designed to let students sample life as a scientist.

‘Go for it!’

When asked what advice he would give other young people interested in a career in science, Martin said, ‘Go for it!’

He advised looking into all of the available options to decide what is best for you.  In his experience, science is a level playing field – no one field of science is better or worse than another, and no way of getting into science is better or worse than another.

‘Work in Science solidified my thinking that I wanted to be a scientist and I hope that we give other students this insight too.’

Martin also advised that those looking into a career in science should take every opportunity to understand what being a scientist is.  Since working at UCB, Martin has helped at every Work in Science Week for that exact reason.  This is because Work in Science solidified his desire to be a scientist, and he wants other students to get this insight too.


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