A conversation with Media Studies graduate Seun Enoch Odubade

Seun Enoch Odubade, Media Studies graduated 2020.

As a Media Studies student at Kent, Seun had a great time, enjoying both his course – ‘I loved all my modules and really looked forward to the lectures’ – and life on campus – ‘the campus and the community at Kent were great’. Now as a Digital Content Executive, he’s making the most of the skills he’s gained and enjoying developing more.

‘It’s great to be able to use what I learnt at Kent in my day-to-day work, not only the practical filmmaking skills (and my understanding of the industry lingo!), but also the critical thinking skills I developed which help me to solve work challenges.

The company I work for runs leadership courses and my role is really varied. I do a lot of graphic design, creating graphics for Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms as well as doing some copywriting. I also film contributors to our leadership courses in our office studio, then edit the film and get it live. What I like about the role is that I’m always learning new things, which is really valuable at this early stage of my career.

At Kent, I learnt how important it is to step outside my comfort zone; I’ve found that’s a good plan in the workplace too. In my first job, I pushed myself to take on different tasks such as UX design and assisted in the creation of a mobile app, all of which helped me to get my current job.’

Just three years after graduation, Seun is in a great position and is determined to continue to develop creatively. ‘I’m a practical person and I will always want to work in a hands-on role, whether in a creative agency or film company, or wherever I can learn something new.’

Did you use Kent’s Careers and Advisory Service?

Yes, I spoke to them about my CV and what’s the best way to present it, when you’re looking for roles in the creative industries. I got some really good advice on how ensure it reflected my creative side.

Did you get involved in any extra-curricular activities?

I joined the Photography Society and the Christian Union. With a couple of friends I also had a radio show on Canterbury Student Radio, which was great fun and very hands-on. Looking back, I wish I’d got involved in more societies  – I’d definitely advise people to join as many as they can.

What’s your favourite Kent memory?

That’s too hard! I do remember we had a screening of the Oscar-winning documentary O.J.: Made in America. After the screening the filmmaker came in to talk to us. For the film, she had sifted through hundreds of hours of footage, so at the end of the whole thing, I asked her what she thought, whether he was guilty or not – and she answered.

Also, our graduation ceremony was delayed because of COVID, so when the ceremony took place in 2022, it was great to see everyone again, find out what they were all doing and finally celebrate.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying Media at Kent?

I’d definitely recommend doing the course because the combination of practice and theory isn’t just interesting to study, it also gives you a good balance of skills when you’re looking for a career. Also, join as many societies as you can and while you’re at university take advantage of what’s on offer to gain as additional skills, for example you’ll be taught aspects of the Adobe suite, but in your own time build on what you’re taught and expand your knowledge, you won’t regret it.