Kent finalists Harry Negus-Ross and Anky Damz to perform show at Faversham Fringe

Two of this year’s Drama finalists, Harry Negus-Ross and Anky Damz, are performing their comedy show, Glamour Masala, at the Faversham Fringe on Sunday 1 August at 14.30. Anky and Harry developed their stand-up acts during their degrees, in the modules ‘Popular Performance’ and ‘Stand-Up Comedy’, and they did also recently performed a stand-up show at the Gulbenkian back in May.

Anky shares, “Glamour Masala is a play on the words glamour (representing Harry’s sexuality) and garam masala (representing my ethnicity). Our material is usually based around our identities so what better reason to name our debut show after our identities itself? Plus I came up with it, so I was biased.

– You can follow both Harry and I on Instagram: (@harrynr__ and @ankydamz)

– Please let us know if you get tickets to the show! We will cherish and love you like a baby monkey!

– Watch the show or we kidnap your firstborn (pets included)

– What do babies eat?

– What do dogs eat?

– What do tarantulas eat?

– Can you have a pigeon as a pet?

– What do pigeons eat?

– You can see our comedic styles if you’re not sure if you wanna buy tickets on YouTube, but I would recommend just buying tickets and seeing us anyways…

– How do you sign off blogposts?”

Find out more about Glamour Masala and book your ticket online.