Music and Audio Technology students and Dr Aki Pasoulas present at Estuary Festival 2021

Music and Audio Technology students along with Senior Lecturer, Dr Aki Pasoulas, presented their electroacoustic compositions at the Exchanged Tides project, part of the Estuary Festival 2021, on 12 and 13 June. The audience experienced the sound emanating from the doors of the Tack Room via specialised vibrating loudspeakers as they stand in view of the River Medway. This sound event is part of the larger project, ‘Exchanged Tides‘, an Arts Council England funded Research and Development project, which explores the relationship between the hyper-local and the global by focusing on the waterways that connect us to each other and the wider world through current, tidal rhythm, exchange and flow.

Dr Aki Pasoulas was also invited to participate in a roundtable discussion on networked music-making and acoustic ecology with Kerry Hagan (President of International Computer Music Association) and Jenn Kirby (President of Irish Sound, Science and Technology Association). The roundtable discussion was co-ordinated at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, for the Vocal Constructivists Online Festival, ‘Through the Square Window’ on Sunday 6 June. You can watch the replay of the roundtable online now.