Graduate profile: Matthew Hoss

We caught up with Matthew Hoss, who studied BA Drama & Theatre Studies with Classical and Archaeological studies. After completing his BA, he went on to complete his MA in Stand-up Comedy. Hear what he’s been up to since graduating.

What are you doing now?
I am a professional stand-up comedian, twitch streamer, podcast host and author.
I also work a day job for Darlington Mind.

What attracted you to your course, and to Kent?
I loved Canterbury. Looking over the hills from campus to see the cathedral was breathtaking. But also, it was the only place which offered Classics and Drama as a degree choice. It’s a random mix, but it made me choose Kent.

Which aspects of your degree did you enjoy the most, and why?
The variety of modules and the ability to learn new things was astounding. Kent allowed me to grow into the person I am. I loved learning from quality teachers on fantastic courses. I got to demonstrate my intelligence in my own voice, which I struggled to do beforehand, in A-levels.

What impressed you most about our academic staff?
They were all super kind, very intelligent but highly charismatic. I don’t think there was a single staff member that I didn’t get on well with.

Which skills/knowledge did you learn on your course that you use most now in your career?
In my masters, I learnt the art of stand-up comedy which is really integral to my current job as a comedian. But also I learned so much about myself which was far more important. The BA taught me a lot about stage presence and how to deliver a workshop, which is what I do with MIND.

Are you still in touch with any of your fellow students?
Yes, they are still my friends. 

Did you undertake any work experience whilst at Kent? What did you do? Did you find it was helpful in your studies and has it benefited your career to date?
Yes, I worked for both Student support and Origins. They were both great life material, and I made so many friends there. It wasn’t necessarily helpful for my studies or my career, but it made me grow as human being.

Could you describe a typical day in your current role?
I help young people with their mental health so I book a lot of sessions with them and chat to them. During night time, I will write, and prepare for future stand-up shows. I will likely be either broadcasting on Twitch or doing stand-up gigs. I work really long days.

What are your future plans/aspirations?
Continue with my current life to be a full-time content creator/comedian

What is your favourite memory of Kent? 
It’s impossible to pin down, how can you distill 4 years of awe, friendship and evolution to a single memory? My favourite memory of Kent is simple: the whole experience. It was certainly the best of days.

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of coming to Kent?
Kent is a wonderful university and I would encourage you to come here. It’s a place which motivates you to work hard, but also offers so many other things. My advice is to try it all and find out something new about yourself

How would you describe your time at Kent in three words?
Nurturing, hilarious, thought-provoking