Final year Drama and Theatre student, Anky Damz, launches new ‘ABC’ podcast

School of Arts BA (Hons) Drama and Theatre final year student, Anky Damz, has launched his new podcast, ABC (Anky’s Biassociation [C]game), available via Spotify and Listen Notes. The podcast came about during the Stand-Up Comedy module, and the format of the podcast is based on an aspect of comic theory that Dr Oliver Double introduces students to on his module, Arthur Koestler’s concept of ‘bisociation’. In the pilot episode, Anky interviews recent graduate, Alf White. We caught up with Anky to find out more…

How has your experience at Kent led you to start this new podcast?

I gained a real interest in wanting to pursue Stand-Up as a profession after I complete my degree, and since I obviously perform in places in-person, so I thought why not try hone my skills with a podcast?

What has been your favourite module so far?

My favourite module (to no surprise) has been the Stand-Up Comedy module available to take in third year, as it’s really driven my motivation to write more as well as challenged my approach to writing Stand-Up and driven me to write more.

What is ABC all about?

ABC stands for Anky’s Biassociation [C]game (where the c is silent), and is about Koestler’s interpretation on Incongruity Theory by taking two topics/frames of references with a guest (we each bring a word) and coming up with material linking the two together. I perform this set to Stand-Up Comedy society before meeting up with said guest again to discuss what worked, what didn’t, why it didn’t and what could be improved for a future set.

What are your hopes for ABC podcast?

We did discuss using the material derived in these sessions as prep for writing material for an Edinburgh Fringe show. However if anything, it’s been nice to be able to explore different types of writing styles with everyone involved so far. There aren’t really any long term/future plans for the podcast other than just having a laugh really – people seemed to have enjoyed the first episode and that’s all I can ask for.

What would be your number one piece of advice for students thinking of studying Drama and Theatre at the University of Kent?

In terms of advice, there will be countless opportunities both in and out of your modules to be able to perform and create but if there isn’t, take it upon yourselves to rise to the challenge and do something that’s slightly out of your comfort zone.

The podcast idea manifested in my head on the Saturday night, I recorded the first part of the episode Sunday evening, performed a set on the Monday, recorded the second part Wednesday night, had the whole thing edited by Thursday, all ready to upload by Friday. It’s all about the initial push and drive. Also do something with your friends – I asked Alf as we’d worked on Stand-Up together as a double act earlier on in the year and thought he would make a fantastic first guest (and he was!)