Proper Job Gradcast features alumnus Tom Brace

Proper Job Gradcast

Dr Oliver Double, Reader in Drama, has just released the fifth episode in his  new podcast series, Proper Job Gradcast.

In Proper Job Gradcast, Olly interviews Drama graduates about their current careers in the arts, how they got there after they graduated, and how studying Drama at Kent helped to equip them for what they do now.

In the latest episode, Olly interviews Tom Brace, who graduated with a BA (Hons) in Drama and Theatre in 2015. Tom is a professional magician who tours theatres with his family show. In this episode, he explains how he discovered magic and built his career to the point where he was able to make a living from it. He also talks about how he draws on things he learned while studying Drama at the University of Kent in his performance, and recalls the path that led him to magic after graduating in 2015, via a brief career in theatre marketing.

You can find out more about Tom at his website here:

‘There’s two arms to my magical work, so to speak,’ explains Tom in the podcast. ‘The day-to-day thing is that I do close-up magic for weddings, corporate events, bar mitzvahs, funerals, the works, and the other arm of it is actually a stage show that I do.’

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