Latest issue of Debates in Aesthetics published

Cover of Debates in Aesthetics, Volume 14, Issue 1

The latest issue of the journal Debates in Aesthetics, Volume 14, Issue 1, has just been published.

Debates in Aesthetics is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal for articles, interviews and book reviews. Published by the British Society of Aesthetics, the journal’s principal aim is to provide the philosophical community with a dedicated venue for debate in aesthetics and the philosophy of art. The issue is co-edited by Dr Shelby Moser, who completed a PhD in History and Philosophy of Art with the School of Arts at Kent.

The issue focuses on the work of Professor Jenefer Robinson, in particular her views on the paradox of fiction, pictorial expression, the nature of the emotions, and the centrality of the emotions for understanding certain works of art.

It also features a short article by Dr Hans Maes, Senior Lecturer in Art History, entitled ‘“Are You Talking to Me?” Conversations on Art and Aesthetics’, which explores the aims of his recent book on conversations with prominent philosophers of art.

The issue also features an interview with Professor Murray Smith, Professor in Film, by Dr Angelo Cioffi, entitled ‘Aesthetics Naturalised’. Angelo also completed his PhD in History and Philosophy of Art programme at Kent.

The issue is open-access and available for free here: