Call for papers: ‘Rethinking the Archive through the History of Art’

PhD students in the History and Philosophy of Art Marta Colombo, Stefano Farinelli and Katie Li, are organising a conference titled ‘Lingering in the Memory Palace: Rethinking the Archive through the History of Art’, in conjunction with the London School of Advanced Study. The one-day conference is part of Archive Week 2019, and will be hosted by London School of Advanced Study on Tuesday 12 November 2019.

This conference investigates the concept of the archive and its relationships with the arts and the history of art. The organisers aim to create a constructive dialogue within the wider artistic community and across different disciplines to share opinions, experiences, and expertises; this will be an exciting opportunity to unpack and reflect on the importance and significance of an essential theme such as the archive, which is often not understood in its complexity.

Any proposal on the archive and its methodological, theoretical, and artistic implications is welcome. The organisers are particularly interested in PhD students, researchers and artists working with new methodologies and innovative approaches to the archive to unpack its contemporary significance as a physical as well as metaphorical, personal as well as collective space.

Paper proposals should include:

  • abstract (150 words max)
  • paper title (20 words max)
  • your full name, current affiliation, email address, and Ph.D. completion date (past or expected)
  • a brief CV (300 words max, and must be in list, not narrative form) / portfolio
  • a list of keywords (8 max)

Please send proposals to the organizers, Marta Colombo (, Stefano Farinelli (, and Katie Li ( by Friday 15 September 2019.