Funding for symposium exploring the work of Sherri Irvin

Dr Eleen Deprez

Dr Eleen M Deprez, curator of the Studio 3 Gallery, has been awarded a grant from the British Society of Aesthetics to support a symposium hosted by the Aesthetics Research Centre to discuss Immaterial: A Philosophy of Contemporary, a forthcoming book by Professor Sherri Irvin.

Professor Sherri Irvin specialises in aesthetics and the philosophy of art. She edited the collection Body Aesthetics (Oxford, 2016) that explored the aesthetics of the body in relation to social justice, art, evolutionary theory, race, gender, disability, sexuality and sport.

The funding will cover a reading group/discussion session with Irvin, to be held on 20 March 2020, followed by and a one-day symposium on 21 March 2020, with Sherri Irvin, Diarmiud Costello, Elisabeth Schellekens, Elisa Caldarola, Kathryn Brown, and Louise Hanson.

Eleen completed her PhD in the History and Philosophy of Art last year, with a thesis entitled ‘The Curated Exhibition: A Philosophical and Historical Analysis’, last year.

Booking details for the symposium will be made available when confirmed.