Alumnus Antonio Mascoli debuts film NAMRON at Flicks festival

Alumnus Antonio Mascoli

Alumnus Antonio Mascoli, who graduated with an MA in Film with Practice in 2018, has had his film NAMRON selected to be included in the Flicks International Student Short Film Festival 2019, to be held 28 to 29 March 2019 in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Flicks is a film festival originating from the Cultural Student Centre USVA in Groningen, which gives national and international student filmmakers the opportunity to participate by showcasing short films of up to 20 minutes in length.

NAMRON tells the story of 21-year-old Norman who is travelling to his parents’ house to tell them he’s in a same-sex relationship. But first he needs to accept the man he sees in the mirror. Sharing the journey with his boyfriend, Norman encounters different people and places, which evoke childhood memories and bring a lifelong inner turmoil back to the surface.

Speaking of the film, Antonio said: ‘NAMRON was produced as my final dissertation for the MA Film with Practice. The Master’s gave me the necessary technical and artistic confidence to make a movie about a complicated theme, about which we often think we know everything. Though, if there is still strong discrimination and prejudice nowadays, perhaps we know nothing after all.’

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