Five Years of Greek Misery Laid Bare in Five Depressing Charts

Greek Unemployment Rate

As the whole Europe is holding its breath for, what it seems to be, the final negotiations between Greece and its creditors on Monday I have stumbled upon an interesting article in Bloomberg summarizing in 5 charts the last five years of Greek austerity.

“Unemployment has been at Great Depression levels for years as the country has seen a quarter of its gross domestic product wiped out. The severity of the losses in income and asset values that Greeks have suffered point to a daunting road ahead for the country…”

What I find more depressing is the last chart showing the the crude rate of net migration.

“For the country’s long-term rebuilding, the biggest loss may be the loss of human capital. With fewer jobs paying out falling salaries, Greece lost 4% of its population to emigration between 2010 and 2013. If the same thing happened to the U.S. it would be the equivalent of losing the entire populations of both New York City and Los Angeles.”

You can read the original article here.


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