On this page, you will find a series of WelfSOC-related documents, working papers, datasets and background information prepared by the research teams involved in this project.


After Austerity: Welfare State Transformation in Europe after the Great Recession“, edited by Peter Taylor-Gooby, Benjamin Leruth and Heejung Chung (Oxford University Press).

 Available as hardcover (£65), paperback (£25) and also e-book.



Most datasets will soon be available here.

Democratic Forums – Before and After Survey, United Kingdom (SPSS)


Papers presented at the first WelfSOC co-ordination conference, London, 12-13 February 2015

Papers presented at the 2015 annual ESPAnet Conference, Odense, 4 September 2015

WelfSOC background papers

These background papers were prepared by each national team in order to reflect on past, present and future challenges for the welfare state in each country. It offers a review of welfare policies and attitude data. In addition, a comparative European background paper explores policy responses to the Great Recession and most recent attitudinal data in comparative perspective.

Papers presented at the 2016 annual ESPAnet Conference, Rotterdam, 1-2 September 2016