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Welcome to the “Welfare State Futures: Our Children’s Europe” (WelfSOC) website. This innovative NORFACE-funded project explores the aspirations, assumptions and priorities that govern the ideas of ordinary people about the future development of welfare in Europe. Please explore our site and do not hesitate to contact us on Twitter, by e-mail or subscribe to our newsletter.



17 August 2015

2015 Annual ESPAnet Conference: “The lost and the New Worlds of Welfare”

Four research teams from the WelfSOC project will present papers at the 2015 annual ESPAnet conference, which will take place in Odense on 3-5 September 2015. These papers will be presented on Friday 4 September, from 1.30 to 3.30pm in room U100 as part of Stream 22 (The lost and new worlds of welfare: Structural changes and institutional responses), convened by Mi Ah Schøyen and Björn Hvinden.

Heuer, Jan-Ocko and Mau, Steffen: Stretching the limits of solidarity: The German case

Taylor-Gooby, Peter, Leruth, Benjamin, and Chung, Heejung: Where next for the UK welfare state?

Albrekt Larsen, Christian: The devils of the details: Danish welfare chauvinism across policy programs and migrant groups

Filipovič Hrast, Maša, Rakar, Tatjana: The future of welfare state and challenges to solidarity in Slovenia