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All the the places are now full. We’ll advertise here for any future studies.


Let us know and you will earn 15 Employability Points and a £10 Amazon voucher

Picture of four students
We are looking for students to take part in a ‘diary study’

We want to find out what it is like to use our online services during your day-to-day life as a student over a week.

How, where, when and which of our online services do you use? What do you love? What drives you crazy?

These are the kinds of questions that we’re trying to get answers for.

Understanding these will help us make us make improvements to the student experience.

Okay… I’m interested

We’ll be asking to capture your experience every day over a week. This may be through any means that helps you best communicate or express yourself.

What you see, think and feel, where, when and how etc. could be expressed through taking pictures, keeping notes, sketching, texting, emailing…

Your feedback will be kept anonymous. It will be used for research purposes only and will not be shared with any of your teachers, tutors, or anybody else external to project staff. Learn more about how we’ll use your data.

Come and join us, it’ll be fun

If you’re enthusiastic about making a positive change for students – and earning Employability Points and a £10 Amazon voucher, get in touch.

We’re looking for a few students and plan to kick off our diary studies in the weeks between the middle of October to the middle of November.

It’s a first come, first served basis. If you’re unable to participate this time around, don’t worry, we’ll keep you on our circulation list for future studies if you’d like.

You will need to commit for a week (7 days) and complete the diary tasks in order to gain the points and voucher!

Once you’ve signed up the Employability Points team will contact you. Learn more about Employability Points and their data policy.

You’ll have a briefing beforehand to clarify what to do. There will also be a discussion after the week is completed for to you to help explain your diary.


Contact us

Please email j.thirlwell@kent.ac.uk to let us know if you’d like to take part. Could you also let us know if you’re an undergrad or postgrad and which year.



How we will use your data

Purpose of the study

We want to understand the experiences of current students using our online services (websites and systems). The aim of the study is to understand their pitfalls so that we can make recommendations to improve online services and systems.

Your personal data

Personal information collected (the student experience and interaction with online services) will only be used for data analysis and all published results will be fully anonymised.

We will only keep a note of your personal details for the purposes of contacting you about the research, including invitations to take part in follow-up research.

The University is committed to holding your data securely and treating it with sensitivity and in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

How long your information will be held

We’ll hold your personal details and diary content (used for the purpose of contacting you and data analysis) for up to 6 months, after which they will be deleted. Anonymised images/quotes from the diaries will continue to be used in report materials.

How we will use your data

Interview and diary transcripts will be used for research purposes only and will not be shared with any of your teachers, tutors, or anybody else external to project staff. For the purposes of analysing and sharing the research, we may use the information we get from you in the following ways:

  • write it up in a report;
  • write it up for publication in a journal, book or conference proceedings;
  • use it in presentations;
  • to help us decide what we need to know more about; and
  • to help us understand how we can best improve services.

Your name will not appear in any of these outputs, though we may make use of anonymised quotations and any photos you agree to make available to us. These will not be presented in a way that reveals your identity or compromises your anonymity.

Your right to withdraw

You can withdraw from the research at any point and ask that any information you have provided will not be included in the research outcomes.

Learn more about how student data is used at Kent in the Student Enrolment Privacy Notice.