Update to Postgraduate Taught pages

We’ve taken the first steps in updating our Postgraduate course pages, focussing on Postgraduate taught.

Our Postgraduate course pages have been refreshed to align with the ‘ambition’ brand. This provides a fresher, contemporary look.

The new design offers more flexibility to use featured content if needed, as we’ve used on the Undergraduate course pages.

To make the content more easily digestible, we’ve implemented design patterns such as show/hides and modals.

This keeps the page more compact and easier to scan with the option to expand longer text when needed. The new layout provides a smoother experience on mobiles.

There are also many technical improvements which will enhance performance, accessibility and SEO.

In the New Year, we’ll also be migrating the course data from the old Programmes Plant application to Laraval Nova, our new administration panel. This provides a more robust and scalable platform.

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