Site Editor updates – 25 August

We’ve released a some changes which should help support creating strong visual content for marketing-based pages.

Text panel

We’ve added some additional features to the ‘Text panel (without side menu or side image)’ on feature pages.

These include adding a background colour, changing the height or adding a background image.

This makes the block a lot more flexible for marketing needs. The text can be presented simply, or where appropriate, it allows bold, typographic highlights.

This can work nicely alongside Hero and Editorial panels to design strong visual content.

Body text link colour

We’ve adjusted the link colour in body text to be slightly brighter so that links stand out more clearly.

Although the change is subtle, you may be able to notice the slightly brighter links when looking at body text.

Hero, editorial and other panels

Panels have been reworked to make some settings consistent between them, this includes the range of background colour options, text colours, link colours and panel heights.

How are you getting along using Site Editor?

Please send us your feedback so that we can improve Site Editor. 

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