Site Editor updates – 2 July 2021

A range of updates have gone live. Many of these are for course pages in preparation for pre-clearing.

Improvements and tweaks have been made to mobile layouts and various bugs have been fixed.

  • Courses – clearing lite changes ready
  • Courses – added accommodation panel
  • Courses – fixed message panel alignment on header
  • Courses – updated PG links to be https
  • Courses – fixed PG course page header layout
  • Courses – fixed course lead text
  • Courses – added location to school course listing
  • Mobile – refined chevrons used in panels
  • Mobile – breadcrumbs refined
  • Mobile – refined quote block spacing
  • Navigation page fixed
  • Fixed search bug with multiple google search fields
  • Fixed accessibility validation nesting error
  • Updated guides taxonomy with ‘Student Administration’
  • Image gallery empty block bug fixed
  • Refined large button style on hero panels
  • Fixed custom profile listing
  • Fixed CSV datatable block

How are you getting along using Site Editor?

Please send us your feedback so that we can improve Site Editor. 

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