Site Editor – course page and other updates

Various updates have been made to support marketing initiatives and freshen up the course pages.

Course page updates

New header design allows a video to be featured in the header.


Updated profile panel


A new flexible fees panel (when turned on) will appear near the fees section.


New visual design for TEF/Research intensity and Independent ranking panels.


Other changes include centred text to give a more balanced layout. Accreditation and key fact highlight, if they exist, appear in the columns at the top of the overview text.


Marketing panels

Editorial panels now allow the option to flip an image and you can choose for the heading to have a quote style.


On marketing panels, alt text (image description text) is now optional for decorative images.

Alt text can get in the way of screen readers when used on decorative images.

For example, screen reader users may have to read all the alt text (highlighted in red below) before they click on the link they want:


Web authors can now judge if the alt text adds value and is necessary within the context of their page content.

If the image is purely decorative alt text doesn’t need to be added as it would get in the way for screen reader users.

For now, alt text is still mandatory for inline images on content pages.



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