SiteEditor progress – July 2017

SiteEditor screenshot

We’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to get our SiteEditor to the next stage of its development: improved editing of pages.

SiteEditor is our replacement for the existing University of Kent web publishing environment. It’s being built from the ground up to meet the needs of our web publishers: to more easily build web pages using a web-based interface.

Our goal is to have something ready for testing as part of a pilot scheme in September.

Latest developments

The latest developments we’ve been working on include:

  • easily adding images to a page with automatic thumbnail resizing.
  • adding all the building blocks of our new Kent Theme. This means we can now build pages with a full range of content.
  • the ability to manage groups of pages – adding, moving, renaming etc.

What the Site Editor looks like

It’s early days, and the Site Editor may well change how it looks and works the more user testing we do and feedback we get. However here are some screenshots of how it’s currently looking.

screenshot of site editor with block editor to the side
Editing a panel of content using a side panel
screenshot of the site editor page sidebar
The site editor page sidebar lets you add and move pages
screenshot of the site editor block chooser
When you add a new block of content to a page, you can select from a range of types of block to add. We’re hoping to eventually make this simpler and restrict block types by context.

Things we’re still working on

We’re still at an early stage of development of the site editor, and development depends on user testing and feedback we get during the pilot phase. The next things we’re hoping to look at are:

  • being able to choose from a range of page layouts.
  • page layouts with default blocks of content already set.
  • ability to build a top-level menu for a site.


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