Workshops at IWMW 16

A short summary of the IWMW 16 workshops I attended.

I went to IWMW 16 with my colleague Edele, our Scrum Master, who has written a comprehensive post about the event.

There were so many excellent workshops to choose from. I decided on the two mentioned below, because they are relevant to our website project.

Rich Media Content: How to Maximise User Impact

This was presented by Vicky Hayhurst of Revolution Viewing.

Research and examples were presented to show the influence of select rich media (videos, 360 galleries, virtual tours) during the student recruitment cycle.

Quality rich media is expected by prospective students who want “snackable” content to give them a fact-based impression.

Prospects acknowledge “salesy” content, but too much will turn them off. It needs to be balanced with authentic, student-generated content. This may lack professional finish, but has stronger credibility. Transparency and authenticity are valued.

Planning Digital Transformation for Old Skool Universities

This was presented by Rob van Tol from Precedent.

The workshop provided strategies and tactics for tackling digital transformation within the institution.

The format was interactive and encouraged discussion. It was a bit of a therapy session sharing the frustrations we all have in getting digital to the forefront of our institutions.

As universities become customer experience led, they need to adjust to remain relevant and competitive.

Following a 6-step approach (based on analysis, allies, proof, plan, show and sway) it helped me understand our readiness for digital transformation and identify strategies and tactics to move it forward.

See also Kotter’s 8-step process for leading change.

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