Mobilising WordPress

This was a fairly quick session at the end of day two, but some useful ideas on getting wordpress to work on mobile nonetheless.

Some approaches at emerged on how to deal with mobile…

1. do nothing – surprisingly common even on some very big sites. But surely not good enough in the future.
2. use plugins
3. mobile themes
4. change to a responsive theme
5. responsify your theme. Not too hard but probably better to leave it up to others who have more time to get this right for you.

Mobile plugins
1. wptouch (pro) – running 31% of the top mobile-powered wordpress blogs. The lite version is what we’re using on blogs.kent. Might be worth looking at the paid-for pro version?
2. mobile pack plugin
3. mobble – provides simple functions to do stuff for different devices
4. onswipe swiping plugin for tablets

Choosing responsive themes
There are plenty but an example given was yoko.

Responsive web design
1. fluid widths
2. flexible media
3. css3 media queries
4. mobify
5. 3.4 has potential for responsive dashboard apps and theming

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