Low cost mobile presence – an IWMW12 parallel session

One of this morning’s IWMW12 parallel sessions was about setting up low cost mobile presences.

It was interesting to see how many of the universities represented in the group didn’t have clear mobile policies. Or if they did senior management certainly weren’t communicating this down the line.

Another interesting thing to see was how few institutions were really taking mobile as seriously as their traditional web content. This is despite good evidence that by 2015 mobile will be a more significant platform than desktop.

It looks like a lot of institutions are focussing on responsive web sites which put the same content in a different format. This partly addresses the issue, but it doesn’t answer the need for mobile to deliver information in a very easy to access, simple way. Two clicks and you’re done finding that PC room or downloading your timetable iCal feed. Do people want to view the corporate homepage on a mobile device? Perhaps, if it links them through easily and quickly to highly relevant data and services.

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