The WCSA conference is over for another year. Look out for the call for papers for the 2020 conference in Youngstown, Ohio.


With a growing awareness of class-based inequality, Brexit, and a new willingness to discuss working-class issues, we were pleased that the 2019 conference of the Working-Class Studies Association was held in the UK in September 2019.

In its fifteen year history, this was the first time the Working-Class Studies Association held its conference outside its heartland of the USA. This conference aimed to build and consolidate work being carried out currently in the UK and Europe with the USA and elsewhere in the world.

Working-Class Studies as a field seeks to bring together academics, activists, artists and others interested in working-class issues and themes. As an interdisciplinary field, it brings together sociologists, literary scholars, anthropologists, geographers, historians, cultural studies scholars, poets and economists amongst others.

The organising team would like to thank all the delegates for coming, and all those who helped make this conference a success.

Photos of keynote lectures and conference awards by Jen Holland